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Food Tech Pheasant Stroganoff all round

Year 10 Pheasant Masterclass

Caterer Harriet MacArthur (parent of Year 10 student) along with Gamekeepers Scott Patterson and Chris Bibby came along to work with 10C GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition pupils  for a Pheasant masterclass, demonstrating how to joint a pheasant which they then cooked as Stroganoff and Goujons.

This was a fantastic opportunity to develop high level skills required when working with meat / poultry in preparation for the requirements of NEA 2 in Year 11. We have posted a number of pictures on our Twitter page @RipleyFood too!

We had some lovely feedback from Crispin Rodwell below:

“In these days with such a reliance on processed food it was a great initiative, showing the pupils that there is wholesome wild food out there that doesn’t come from a factory or come wrapped in plastic and polystyrene. I hear that the pupils really entered into the spirit of it and many got to work de-breasting the pheasants and cooking and eating the goujons they made.”

A big thank you from the Food Technology department to Harriet, Scott and Chris.

“Oh they’re better than chicken!”