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Brilliant #TGIfriday staff video ends a busy week

Brilliant #TGIfriday staff video ends a busy week

We understand how difficult it is for all being confined to home.  In the last week, and for this week we have been encouraging everyone to follow our #hashtags on twitter, facebook and Instagram, to keep in touch and share visually appealing activities in a light-hearted way as well as encouraging school work through firefly.

Well we have had a ball - culminating in the brilliant staff video on #TGIfriday (many thanks to all staff involved and credit to Amy Montgomery for filming!). You can watch it in full on YouTube here - #TGIfriday on YouTube!

As well as departmental challenges going out every day (mostly Ripley Sport) our themes this week are :

#makingmonday - food, crafts, making lunch or tea for the family?

#touchbasetuesday - send us a virtual postcard with a message for the day (see the tweet template on monday eve)

#wackywednesday - play the emojo game!

#bookwormthursday - best ever books

#TGIfriday - pets day! We knew it would be hard to follow last week but this could be a contender...

So carry on posting and keep following us:

Twitter: @ripleystthomas

Ripley St Thomas CE Academy facebook page

Instagram: @ripleystt