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School Admission Appeals - Coronavirus update 27.03.20


As you are more than aware the coronavirus has impacted and affected all of our daily lives, routines and normal business in every aspect. 

The Appeals team at County Hall (who co-ordinate the appeals) have had a lot of enquiries in relation to the function of Admission Appeals going forward and what the arrangements for this service will look like for the academic year 2020-21. 

We can only share what the arrangements are at the moment and hope that you will understand that the County Council and the Appeals Service are doing everything they possibly can under the current restrictions that we all find ourselves subject to. 

The Appeals Team have sought guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) as to whether the School Admissions code can be deviated from under the current legal code of practice set by them.  They have been advised that the DfE are looking into what deviations from the code can be made while still ensuring that natural justice remains when undertaking Admissions Appeals. 

The initial response from the DfE is that this is currently being looked at but no decision as yet has been made and that it could take a number of weeks until further guidance is available to Local Authorities on the Schools Admissions Appeals. 

Appeals papers received by us will still be sent to County Hall who will hold these in readiness to move forward once guidance has been given. 

The timetable for appeals set previously will be void until we receive guidance and further arrangements will be cascaded to all schools as and when known. 

We do assure you that the Appeals Team are doing everything they can possibly do under these difficult and challenging circumstances.