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Healthy and Fresh Food

The Ripley St Thomas School Kitchen offers a variety of fresh and healthy produce at break and lunchtimes for all year groups. The three canteen hatches, two in main school and one in sixth form, ensure that pupils receive a well balanced diet, testified by our ‘Healthy School’ status. The team of kitchen staff prepare a variety of goods and dishes daily, varying from Spaghetti Bolognaise and Spicy Pork Meatballs to Vegetable Chow Mai and Salmon & Broccoli Bake, ensuring that everyone’s preferences are catered for. Using meat and dairy produce from the school farm, all goods are produced as local as possible. The kitchen now operates a biometric cashless system in order to reduce queueing time, and to avoid students carrying loose change. Pupils are encouraged to top up their accounts using the paying in terminals at the beginning of the week and use the available funds for the whole of the week, reassuring parents that no money needs to be taken to school during the week.

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