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Lower school: The Reading Room | Upper school: The John Crewdson Library

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Reading Room User Guide 

The upper and lower school libraries provide a flexible place for your learning, where project work, individual study and group research can all take place. By offering a supportive environment and providing access to a broad range of books, ICT and digital resources, the libraries can help to motivate and stimulate learning, providing you with the means to freely pursue subjects which engage and promote wider reading.

Opening Times

We’re open throughout the day, before and after school so that we can help you find the resources you want and assist with work you may need to complete. We are here to help you between: 

The Reading Room: 8.00am – 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

The John Crewdson Library: 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday.


Oliver is the web based library database, as well as providing information about the range and availability of resources in the libraries, provides access to over 8,000 curriculum related, approved Weblinks designed to support your study. Oliver uses a biometric fingerprint identification system that supports accuracy and consistency for the issuing and discharging of books. You can access your own library account from home to view your current borrowing record and loan history or to reserve items and renew any outstanding loans. Simply click the ‘Log-In’ link at the top of this page and your username and password is the same as your Network Logon.

Requests, Suggestions & Help

If you have any requests, suggestions or if there is anything you require help with please either speak to me or alternatively email me at: 

Mrs Buckland, Librarian